About SteadyGrowth.ca

Everywhere you look you in Manitoba, you can see signs of a changing landscape.

From the new airport, the stadium, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights to new schools and health centres, Manitoba is growing and changing.

As Manitobans, we work for every gain and know we must earn every achievement.

It is no wonder that despite so much economic uncertainty in the world, Manitoba is known as a steady, growing economy with opportunities for businesses and families.

To build on the momentum and sustain this growth, the Manitoba government is making targeted investments in key infrastructure and skills training opportunities for families.


SteadyGrowth.ca is a resource built by the provincial government that will help all Manitobans take advantage of these opportunities.

Whether you are a young person fresh out of high school, or a business owner dreaming of expanding, SteadyGrowth.ca can help you change your future.

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