Job Training Opportunities

Everywhere you look, Manitoba is changing – from better roads, to new schools and stronger flood protection.

Our momentum is growing and all Manitobans can be a part of it with good job and training opportunities, right here at home.

Whether you are still in school, mid-career and wanting a better job, or struggling to get the training you need, the Manitoba government can help.

Use the resources here to put yourself at the heart of Manitoba’s growing momentum.

Start planning for your career

Getting the skills you need and connecting with the right job can be difficult. Manitoba’s Jobs and Skills Development Centre can help you start planning for a future in a good job that’s in demand.

Career development consultants can help you search for jobs, find information on job openings, upgrade your skills and training, and even provide training on how to start your own business.


Search for a new job

With so many job search websites out there, it’s hard to know where to start. makes finding your new job easier by collecting job opportunities from websites all across the province.

You can search by location, job type, salary and more. Visit online or by visiting one of 16 Manitoba Jobs and Skills Development Centres.


Become an apprentice

An apprenticeship is your ticket to a rewarding job in a skilled trade. Apprenticeships are high-quality, affordable post-secondary training that leads to a certificate of qualification and a good job. Best of all, as an apprentice, you get paid to learn on the job.

With many certified tradespeople nearing retirement, the already high demand in Manitoba’s 50 skilled trades will just keep growing. Apprenticeship Manitoba can help along the way, as you get started with a career in the trades.


Start your own business

Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? The Jobs and Skills Development Centre can help show you how.

Your local Manitoba Jobs and Skills Development office can help you develop and implement your business plan, offer advice and connect you with a local sponsor who can evaluate and help you improve your business idea.


Get your experience recognized

Do you have experience in a certified trade but not the Certificate of Qualification? You can become a certified journeyperson through a trades qualification exam.

A Career development consultant can look at your past work experience or education and help you get your skills recognized and on the way to a better paying job.


Start your training, in high school

Are you a student in grade 10 to 12? If so, Manitoba’s High School Apprenticeship Program can help you get practical experience towards an apprenticeship. That means finishing grade 12 with a diploma, technical skills, and the opportunity to earn credit toward the first year of a college program while still in high school.

Financial support is even available for students who complete the program and continue building their experience with a post-secondary apprenticeship training.


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